libfluidsynth  1.1.11
fluidsynth Directory Reference


file  audio.h
 Functions for audio driver output.
file  event.h
 Sequencer event functions and defines.
file  gen.h
 Functions and defines for SoundFont generator effects.
file  log.h
 Logging interface.
file  midi.h
 Functions for MIDI events, drivers and MIDI file playback.
file  misc.h
 Miscellaneous utility functions and defines.
file  mod.h
 SoundFont modulator functions and constants.
file  ramsfont.h
 API for creating and managing SoundFont instruments in RAM.
file  seq.h
 MIDI event sequencer.
file  seqbind.h
 Functions for binding sequencer objects to other subsystems.
file  settings.h
 Synthesizer settings.
file  sfont.h
 SoundFont plugins.
file  shell.h
 Command shell interface.
file  synth.h
 Embeddable SoundFont synthesizer.
file  types.h
 Type declarations.
file  voice.h
 Synthesis voice manipulation functions.